About Us


We are a small business with giant capabilities located in Cotati, CA which is less than an hour north of San Francisco. We are a husband and wife duo with a passion for everything printed and have a deep love for animals. What started out as a simple drawing of our English Bulldog, has grown into a wide variety of clothing and home goods. We also operate two other successful brands: Wallums is our wall decor brand and Woodums is our wood decor line. 


The Name

Inkopious is a mashup of the 2 word Ink(a liquid that contains pigments and is used to color a surface to produce an image) and Copious(plentiful). All of our items that we produce use some form of ink and we use plenty of it.


Our Products

From design to production, every product on our website is printed in-house to ensure the quality meets our strict standards. We utilize several forms of printing methods including but not limited to: screen printing, direct-to-garmet printing, giclee printing, and eco-solvent printing.