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10 Fun-Filled Quarantine Activities for You and Your Dog

July 29, 2020 4 minute read time

If you’re still living that quarantine lifestyle we know things can get stale pretty quick. Staying cooped up is tough, but if you’ve got a pup by your side things won’t get too ruff. We’ve compiled a list of 10 activities that you and your dog can do together so you won’t drive each other bark raving mad. Who knows, you might even have some fun!

Play Hide-and-Treat

This one’s simple! Furst, get your dog’s attention with a treat. Then make them sit and stay in one part of your home. Next, move into another room where they can’t see you and hide that treat. Last, call your dog in and see if their nose will know where to go!

Hide and seek

Howl at the Moon

A tradition dubbed ‘The Howling’ popped up in various neighborhoods all over the country in the early weeks of the pandemic. You can read more about how and why it started here. The Howling not only expresses appreciation for healthcare workers who put themselves at risk every day, it’s also an incredible way to relieve stress. If you need to let off some steam, just tilt your head back and let out a howl, your “dogmesticated wolf” will surely join in!


Make an Agility/Obstacle Course

If you want an afternoon of fast-paced action-packed fun, then grab some pillows, some hula hoops, and whatever else you have around the house to make your very own obstacle course! If you're in need of supplies, you can always purchase a dog agility kit online, but making your own course from objects you have around your house is a fun and creative challenge! The first challenge on my agility course is to navigate through the paper towel rolls of doom without tipping them over, then it's across the comfy couch-cushion of calamity before finally weaving through the table-legs of terror. You can come up with any number of goofy combinations in your own home!


Cook Up Something Good

Who doesn’t like tasty treats? Now is one of the best times to hone your skills in the kitchen, cooking for you or your dog. Surprisingly enough, there are even delicious recipes out there that both you and your dog can enjoy together! Especially during the summer months, frozen treats with ingredients like Greek yogurt and strawberries are a great way to chill out. Our article "How to stop your hot dog from getting barbecued" has a few choice recipes and some additional tips and tricks for staying cool.

dog eating

Make an Instagram Account for Your Dog

If you’ve found us on social media, you’ll know that we’re obsessed with dog accounts on Instagram. Why not start an account that is dedicated solely to one of the noblest pursuits in life: taking pictures of your pet. It’s tons of fun and quite frankly, it’s really hard to mess up. Pretty much any picture with a dog already borders pawfection. If you want any inspiration, you can check out any of the numerous accounts featured on our page @Inkopious, or any of the accounts we’ve made for all our furry office co-workers: @arrowsgreatadventure @frenchbulldogfranco @bulldogtribe @kikibearcat


This is one of our office pups Arrow (from @arrowsgreatadventure)

Learn Some New Tricks

It is absolutely NOT true what they say, because old dogs CAN learn new tricks... and new dogs, and middle aged dogs too! Pretty much any dog can learn new things if you put the time and effort into teaching them. It also helps to have the proper technique. I managed to teach one of the most distracted, antsy dogs I’ve ever met how to shake paws in 10 minutes after watching this helpful video. Teach your dog a new trick that you can show off on your next zoom meeting!

dog trick

Go on Long Walks

Walking your dog probably hasn’t changed much, and it doesn’t need to. You have your routes and regularly regimented schedule throughout the day but try mixing things up! Go for longer walks, explore new places, pee on new things and find new neighborhoods! 

hiking dog

Play, Play, Play

There are plenty of games to play with your pup to ensure some fun-filled times. You’ve got the old classics like, fetch, tug-of-war and more. You can also do your best street magician impression and play the shell/cup game. Grab three cups, (plastic preferably) turn them upside down, put a treat under one and shuffle them around to see if your dog can guess where the treat ends up.

dog toy

Take a Bath

Baths are a great way for you and your dog to stave off the summer heat and get clean all at once. But bath-giver beware, it’s basically impossible to give a dog a bath without ending up soaked yourself. Don’t attempt this without the expectation of taking a bath too!


Watch a Movie

If you’re tuckered out after a long day of work, you can always have a couch-potato party! Cuddle puddles are without a doubt one of the highlights of having a dog. So snuggle up on the sofa and find a flick to kick it to! We've already compiled a list of dog-friendly titles you can find on Netflix that are perfect for you and your pooch.


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