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You Masked and We Delivered (or we’d like to at least)!

September 29, 2020 2 minute read time

Way back in March, we were asked by so many of you if we were going to be adding custom Inkopious face masks to our production. Although a great idea, we were hopeful that this was all going to “blow over” in a sense and chose to stick to our normal apparel line. In a matter of months, the public wearing of face masks has become a standard operating procedure and mandatory all across the country. And just like the numerous companies that typically make everyday textiles, we too are now ready to kickstart into high gear + launch into action + add cloth face masks to our production line - but we need your help! 

Please take our FACE MASK SURVEY and let us know your thoughts on custom made Inkopious Face Masks! In the survey, you will have an opportunity to voice your opinions about mask style, color, durability, and more. Although we recognize that a cloth face mask isn’t necessarily comparable to the medical grade N95 masks worn by frontline workers + essential employees, the CDC has emphasized that “cloth face coverings [can] slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others.”

Unfortunately with the pandemic not likely to end any time soon, we thought it would be best to begin producing some custom face masks with your favorite pups and breeds. We’re not entirely sure whether we will be producing custom sketches, popular collections, or strictly designs out of our Quarantine Collection (can you imagine one of our "If You Can Read This You're Too Close" designs on a mask? PRICELESS!), but that’s why we have you to turn to! Between our unique hand-drawn creations and the high quality material of our apparel line, our goal is to create some top of the line washable masks that are comfortable, stylish, and built to last. Take our FACE MASK SURVEY, tell us what you think, and help us slow the spread! 

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