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Low Risk Activities to do With Your Dog

March 19, 2020 5 minute read time

Most pets spend a lot of their time at home already, and if you’re now one of the many people working from home, you’ll find out you have a lot more quality time with your pet to fill! Spending time with your pet is fun, but sometimes it’s tough to come up with new activities. You don’t always have to be doing new and exciting things, but it’s nice to mix it up every once in a while and engage your brain (and your dog’s) in new ways. This can be tough though, especially if you’re trying to stay inside for long periods of time.

If you and your pup are hanging at home, here are some fun ideas that can keep your brain engaged and pup’s tail wagging.

Give Your Dog a Makeover

It’s an undeniable, verifiable stone cold fact that your dog is the cutest pup to ever grace this earth. But no matter how much their natural beauty imbues a flawlessness to their face, it still takes work to keep them looking their best. Try giving your pup a bath at home if you can. You can also give your dog’s coat a good brushing to freshen up their fur. Another treat for their health and glorious good looks is to brush their teeth and clip their nails. Making your dog look their best with these health conscious pursuits will help both you and your dog feel the best.

Dog tooth brushing

Teach Your Dog Some New Tricks

It takes a disciplined person to teach a dog to have discipline. If you’re cooped up inside for long periods of time with your dog, it will drive you crazy if they can’t control themselves, and if you can’t control them. Take the time to work with your dog to curb undesirable behavior and to teach them new tricks! There are plenty of interesting things people have managed to teach their dogs and people are still finding out more. You and your dog can even make your own tricks up. Work with them and see how many new tricks you can teach your dog. This is an incredibly positive and rewarding use of your time. Both you and your dog can be proud of these accomplishments.

Dog Trick @brooklynnsphotos

Bake Some Treats for You and Your Pup!

An age-old stay at home activity, baking, can be a warming comfort, literally! Sometimes just turning the oven on, and having that wonderful smell of baked goods and the gentle heat from the oven waft through the house is all you need to lift your spirits. There are some recipes like classic Chocolate Chip Cookies that are ok for people only. Then there are recipes like peanut butter dog biscuits that are made for your pup. Finally, there are recipes that both you and your pup will LOVE like sweet potato fries. Share a warm homemade meal with your pup and you’ll feel the love, warmth and comfort all the way in your tummy!


Watch a Dog Themed Movie

If you’re going to crash on the couch with your canine, why not watch some dog themed movies? Some classics include Balto, an animated Disney movie about a dog that leads a team of sled dogs through the tundra. They help deliver medicine to an isolated alaskan town in need. It’s a great movie to just sit back and ‘chill’ to. If you’re looking for a live action film, then there’s always the feel good classic, Air Budand the rest of the Air Bud franchise. If you aren’t familiar, the original flick is about a pup who escapes an abusive owner and joins a youth basketball team winning games and hearts along the way in a comedic coming of age tail. These movies and many more dog themed films, are all feel-good flicks sure to keep you and your pup engaged while inside.

Dog Movie Watch

Try out some “Doga”

It’s important to still move your body and stay loose If you’re feeling restless. It’s healthy and for you and your dog to keep moving. Finding ways to calmly breath, feel centered and relax is a necessity if you’re staying inside for long periods of time. A great way to just breathe and focus on your body is to do some simple yoga! Even five minutes a day can greatly lessen anxiety, stretch your body, and recenter yourself. Make sure to include your pup by trying out “Doga” or dog-yoga. There aren’t a whole lot of specific guidelines for doga, but it mostly just means trying to include your dog as much as possible while stretching. Try out this Doga routine for starters.

Make a Scavenger Hunt for your Dog

If you’re looking to sniff out a more engaging activity for you and your pup, maybe try your hand at scent training! You can look into more in depth guidelines that the AKC (the American Kennel Club) puts out for their recommendations on how to train your dog for scent work. You can also just work on a more fun and fast DIY version for you and your dog at home. Just put your pup in another room, then hide some treats around your house. Then bring your dog out, give them a treat and let their nose do the rest. You’ll have a blast watching your pup sniff out all those hidden treats, doing their best dog-tective impression. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your pup, and they’ll surely appreciate the extra treats as well as the delight of a fun activity.

Dog Detective

Talk to Your Dog

Whether it’s just having a ‘conversation’, singing them a song, or reading out loud, your dog knows when your attention is directed their way. Talking to your dog can really help if your social interactions are limited. It’s a healthy way to keep from feeling isolated if you’re spending extended periods of time inside. Your pup might not ‘talk’ back but they will certainly be interested, engaged and responsive. If you’re a singer -professional, amateur or star of your shower, your pup won’t know the difference and they’ll love the show! Sing cover songs, make up your own originals, and try and get your pup to join you in a duet. If you’re not feeling up to making music, or coming up with conversational topics, just read a book out loud. Find an old favorite, or take that book off the shelf that you’ve been telling yourself you’re going to read for ages. Your dog loves you, and just hearing your voice is a comfort.

Dog Singing

Take Pictures of your Dog

If you don’t take pictures of your dog, then how will the world know how cute your dog is? Anytime is the right time to take pictures of your dog, but if you’re cooped up at home with your pup, then it’s an especially good time to bust out your camera or your phone and snap away! If you’re a bit more tech savvy you can also edit your pictures using things like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Take Christopher Cline for example, a photographer famous for his larger than life pet pics:

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"NO!!! I WON'T GO!!! LET ME GO, GUYS"!!!!!................. Well, it's official. It's REALLY cold here. The lake is frozen by our house and I'm spending my time imagining how we're gonna get Jazz out on the ice for the first time ever this year. I don't forsee any major issues, but this scenario keeps running on an endless loop in my brain. (Obviously, we would never make him go on the ice if he doesn't want to. The photo is just for humorous reference) #chrisandjuji #jujiandjazz #dogsofinstagram #bernedoodles #goldendoodlesofinstagram #goldendoodles #goldendoodle #dogsandpals #weeklyfluff #ilovemydog #mydogiscutest #dogsarelife #dogsarefamily #bestfriends #bernadoodlesofinstagram #bernedoodles #bernedoodle #giantdog #bigdogsofinstagram #bernesemountiandog #onlyinminnesota #icefishing #winteriscoming

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Practice your pup-tographry skills and share your best pictures with us on social media! We want to see what you and your pets are up to. Send in pictures or write in, to show us your favorite indoor activities!


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