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National Sandwich Day!

November 03, 2020 2 minute read time

It’s finally here, the big day that everyone has been eagerly anticipating. With all the chaos of 2020 seemingly mounting toward a climax on November 3rd we’re finally here it’s everything we wanted. That’s right, National Sandwich day is upon us. No this isn’t a celebration of the oldest town on Cape Cod. Nor is it a day celebrating a female sorceress who loves the beach. It’s time to toast those buns, slice up some tomatoes, layer the lettuce and stack your salami high! That’s right, we’re raising a sourdough toast to Sandwich day!


Sandwiches are a go-to meal for many Americans any day of the year. Whether or not you’re in the camp that decry those who consider a hotdog a sandwich or if you can’t stand the taste of tomatoes, November 3rd serves as a day for us to set aside our sandwich differences. It is a day to unite around the rye, white and boule (a French style loaf), slice them up, put meat on them and eat them.

Even though it’s not a good idea to share large amounts of deli-style lunch meat with your pups due to the high levels of sodium and other additives, there are other ways you can celebrate with your dog. It’s a day to get creative and work on your fur friendly recipe repertoire.

Some of the best pet friendly sandwiches surprisingly enough come in the form of the posh tea time traditions. English tea time sandwiches with cucumber, mint leaves and cream cheese are a great option for any yuppie puppy. Another tasty treat filled sandwich that you can chop in half and share with your pup is a peanut butter and apple! Just make sure to use simple whole wheat or white breads, and sugar free ingredients (basically just check the cream cheese and peanut butter for sugar or harmful chemicals like xylitol.)

dog eating bread

These are both delicious sandwiches that you can easily make to celebrate National Sandwich Day with your pup! If November 3rd is stressing you out, just take a moment and make a sandwich for you and your pup. Or read up on the incredibly silly origin storyof the Sandwich. You’ll be surprised by the reason that the Earl of Sandwich created it!

earl eating sandwich


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