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New Seasons, New Go-To's

October 12, 2020 2 minute read time

Autumn is arguably the best season of the year - prove me wrong. Not only are the days cooler and the season spookier, but one of the best parts of fall is that cozy cardigans, yoga pants, and oversized sweaters are not just loungewear; they’re fashion. If it’s not screaming cozy, comfy, and universal for all occasions - then I’m not wearing it! The time has come to finally put your sundresses and tank tops away to make room for Autumn attire by cozying up your wardrobe!

Cali Wave Sweatshirt

This season, we have all your cozy fall essentials ready to be worn and customized so you can rep your pup or your breed of choice. Old favorites such as the Cali Wave Sweatshirts are still a fall staple; the cute colors and feminine cut make it irresistibly cozy and utterly hip. We also have our classic unisex Long Sleeve Crewnecks which are a well loved favorite, popular for their tri-blend fabric and superior softness. Unisex Hoodies & Slim Fit Hoodies still take the cake due to their relaxed fit and modern + simplistic design. These hoodies are eco friendly and super comfy for the win.

Color Doodle Collection

Autumn has been incredibly eventful season as we’ve welcomed new products and collections to the Inkopious lineup. Our new Loopback Hoodies have proven to be a fan favorite with attractive colors and a unisex fit making this one of our top selling universal hoodies. We also started producing limited release Halloween Hoodies featuring our loopbacks in rose and athletic grey, with the addition of our witch prop from our Halloween Collection. Last but not least, we just added our Color Doodle Collection which we launched last week featuring custom doodled colored dogs and popular breeds.

Halloween Collection

What I love about our products for these cooler months is that they fit almost anyone's style. All of our offerings are super comfy + make for the perfect work-from-home uniform and will keep you warm on your trips to the local Farmer’s Market (don’t forget your mask!).

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