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Something Colorful is Happening

August 19, 2020 2 minute read time

It's happening... it's finally happening! I invite you to look through rose-colored glasses at our new upcoming color doodle doodle sketches! This has been a long time coming, and I am so excited to add a new style and a huge splash of color to our collections. What started off as a simple color doodle, quickly turned into a color series and I'm hooked! This has also made my late night Instagram scrolls way more fun because literally every dog I see, I quickly envision draped in color.

Inkopious Color Doodle Collection

So this is what I want to know...Is the world ready for an Inkopious amount of color? We are literally starting from the ground up, so we need all the community feedback we can get. The best way to help is by taking ourColor Doodle Survey and let us know simple things like what colors best describe your vibe and if you prefer portraits or full body illustrations. We also want to know what other products you would like to see featured in the Inkopious Collection, such as dog bandanas for your furry friends or maybe a cute travel bag for on the road adventures? Now is your chance to make your voices heard because we are here for YOU.

Take ourColor Doodle Survey and be the ones who shape this colorful collection. You’ll also be able to place a pre-order for these new designs and receive early entry for the color doodle customs, which will be first come first served! We encourage you to immortalize your dog in ink and join our colorful dog pack, because we can't spell Inkopious without "us".

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