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Meet the Softest Sweaters on Earth

September 04, 2020 2 minute read time

Fall is just around the corner and we have been on the hunt for new, comfortable fall apparel to expand our Inkopious cool-weather offerings. What type of fall apparel you might ask? Sweatshirts! Hoodies! Pull-overs! Jackets! 

Our inspiration comes from the infamous “go-to” hoodie. We all have that one favorite hoodie right? You know, the one that you bought so long ago you either don’t know where you got it from or the retailer just doesn’t carry it anymore. That one piece that’s super soft, worn in just right, and outrageously comfortable. The one that you can take with you camping, layer up for a run, or get snuggly on the couch. It’s the universal sweatshirts of all sweatshirts, and it has a special place in your heart and in your closet. That’s the vibe we’ve been looking for when we set out to find new fall apparel to add to our collection.

Introducing the softest, most comfortable pull-overs on the planet! Our Unisex Loopback Crewnecksand Unisex Loopback Hoodies are lightweight, comfortable, and out of this world soft. So breathable, that the cotton terry fabric makes your favorite layers feel like a soft hug in hoodie form. These hoodies are all the rage right now and the talk of the dog park as our new hot to trot items! As mentioned, they are made for all genders with a spacious unisex fit that works for anyone & everyone. What more could you ask for in a sweatshirt?





What sets these pull-overs apart from the rest is that they are lightweight making them perfect for layering and year-round comfort. Not only are they super soft and comfortable, they are incredibly hip and available in four stylish colors: Athletic Grey, Olive, Rose, Misty Blue. Lastly, the ribbed sleeves and waistband make these pieces great for any athletic activity and outdoor adventure!

Find your next cool-weather favorite for working up a sweat, kicking back at home with your furry pal, or heading out for a casual night on the town by visiting our website and grabbing yours today in your favorite breed.



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