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If You Can Read This, You're Too Close

August 22, 2020 2 minute read time

Too Close

Looking for a cute way to let folks know they're in your personal space? Look no further! Social distancing is  in, so make sure folks stay out of your six foot radius. Our new "Too Close" collection is just a gentle, cute, friendly reminder for those around you to make sure that we're all observing best practices when it comes to social distancing.

What started with one little cute corgi design has grown into an entire collection with more than thirty designs! Find your favorite breed in our "Too Close" collection to help make sure you have the cutest friend to help you pass along this message of safety and conscientiousness. We all know how hard it is to say 'no' to a cute dog!

penny eating chalk

Imagine saying no to that face, you can't! It's impossible.

It doesn’t matter where you are, social distancing helps during a time like this. It’s tough to stay vigilant at all times so friendly charming little reminders like a cute pup saying “you’re too close” is sometimes all you need. Especially considering the scary nature of the pandemic, having a lighthearted way to encourage social distancing is a truly important way to maintain a positive attitude while still staying safe!

Our first "Too Close" design was just a fluffy little Corgi but we’ve added over thirty other breeds to the collection. Now we want to know what breeds we should add next. From Pitbulls to Poodles to big Bernedoodles, what designs are we missing? Tell us what new designs we should doodle! Make sure to let us know on social media, by commenting onInstagram,Facebook, or both!

We’re really looking forward to hearing from you, and if you have any other design ideas let us know about them too! Our “Too Close” collection is a part of a number of fun design ideas aimed at keeping a positive outlook on life during these trying times. From Exotic Tigers to Dumpster Fires, find an Inkopious design that brings a spark of humor and joy into your life!


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