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Winning the Lottery!

September 19, 2020 2 minute read time

Have you ever wondered what you would buy if you won the lottery? A jet-ski, a new car, a lifetime supply of chocolate milk? It’s a fun thought experiment to let your mind run wild! For us here at Inkopious the real question is “what would I buy my dog if I won the lottery?” Most of our dogs live supremely happy lives, spoiled rotten, and drowning in love. Which is why this question is so important. What more could they possibly have?

money and a dog

We did some brainstorming in the office and also posed this question on Facebook and, Instagram and managed to come up with a pretty solid list. One of the most suggested ideas was unsurprisingly “a dog friend.” We’d all love more fur in our lives not only for us but so our favorite fur babies have a constant companion of their own.

pup pals

Now that you’ve acquired another pup, you’ll need some space for them to happily romp! That’s why the next logical step was to purchase some land for your pups to play on. A ton of people said that they’d buy a house with a gigantic backyard for their pups to explore and get some exercise!

Once your dogs are dog-tired, they’ll need a place to rest up and recuperate, which is why a super mega fancy and comfortable dog bed was the next item on a ton of people’s list! Someone said they’d have custom temper-pedic dog beds made which is the perfect idea to give your dogs the most luxurious snoozes.

dog bed

Some people came up with other super creative ideas! Some of the best were: 

  • Buy a tennis ball launcher for them to play fetch with
  • Hire them a professional dog masseuse
  • Have a musician serenade them to sleep at night
  • Build a bone shaped pool so they can splash around
  • Take them on a vacation
  • Get a Custom Pet Portrait so they have their very own clothing line 😉
What would you buy your dog if you won the lottery? Let us know in the comments or on social media! Even if you don't ever win the actual lottery, it's easy to agree that waking up with a dog is like winning the lottery everyday!

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