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Aviator Challenge

Join the Aviator Challenge!

We love putting aviators on things, especially pets! That’s why every Inkopious order now comes with our signature aviator sunglasses as a free sticker. Join in the fun by posing your pet with them and we’ll share the best pics on our Instagram page!

Photos chosen will receive 1000 Pup Points to use toward new Inkopious Gear or Custom Portraits!

Warning: Putting sunglasses on something has been known to drastically increase its coolness

Ready to join in the fun? Here’s how:

  1. Use the tab on your sticker to pose your favorite pet or person with our aviators.

    -We love all kinds of animals! From dogs and cats to horses and frogs, we want to see it all!

    -The more creative you are, the better! Glasses don’t always have to go on a face
  2. Snap a pic and post it on instagram using the hashtag #aviatorchallenge  (be sure your account is public so we can see them)

    We’ll share the best ones on our instagram page @inkopious
  3. Peel off your decal sticker and stick it on something to improve its coolocity!