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GIFT a Custom Pet Sketched Shirt

Now our lovingly handcrafted designs are available to gift! If you’ve got a friend or loved one who has a pet they adore, then give them the fantastically personalized pet themed present of a fully custom shirt. Our custom sketches are the perfect gift for the loved one in your life who identifies themselves as a full-on pet parent!

Included with your purchase is 1 T-Shirt.

Coupons/Discounts cannot be used on this item.

Please note: Purchase includes only 1 drawing for 1 animal. Please read the entire FAQ below before purchasing.

How does the process work?

  1. Purchase the gift.
  2. After your order is submitted, we’ll send you out a personalized wooden gift card that you can give your giftee!
  3. Your recipient uses the instructions that come with the gift card to send their favorite pictures of their pet to us.
  4. Our artists create a personalized sketch of their pet and send a proof.
  5. We print their pet’s face on a custom t-shirt and ship it out to them.
  6. The drawing is added to our website in all of the available variations for anyone to purchase. 

***For orders placed during the holiday season of 2019***

We will not be starting the artwork for these until the New Year. Your recipient can contact our team and submit their pet’s pictures immediately, however we will only be sending out proofs of the artwork starting in January of 2020.

Custom Photos

Does it have to be a dog?

Not at all, we love all animals and it's nice to be able to switch it up from drawing dogs all day. :)

Can you draw multiple animals?

We can, but a custom drawing would need to be purchased for each animal. We are unable to print them all on 1 shirt though. Each drawing would be a separate shirt.

What if they want more than one shirt?

The drawing will be added to our site so your giftee and all of our visitors will be able to purchase the drawing on all of our items including hoodies, totes and more.

Will the custom pet portrait be available in all of the holiday collections?

This will vary depending on the drawing. If feasible, we will add the drawing to as many of the holiday collections as possible!

Can you design in color?

Not at this time, we have a certain style of sketching as you can see above. The drawing will be in line sketched style with black ink only.

Can you draw the body of my friend’s pet?

Not at this time. We only offer drawings of the face of your furry companion. Drawing the body would take quite a bit more time. 

What if the giftee doesn’t like the drawing?

We do allow minor revisions. We will send a proof of the drawing to your giftee once complete. At that point they will have the opportunity to request a minor change to make sure they’re happy with it! Any major revisions are billed at the hourly rate of $75 (we’ve been offering custom illustrations for over a year and haven’t had a “major revision” yet!) We do not offer refunds once a drawing has been started.

What type of pics are best?

The drawing will only be as good as our reference photos. We need clear head on shots in good lighting to see all the details of their furry friend. Don’t worry we’ll make sure to let your giftee know if we need more pictures!

 Dont/Do pictures

Why is it so expensive?

Each dog is hand-drawn by one of our in-house artists in Northern California. We do not outsource any part of the process, nor do we use any type of action or filters. A drawing can take anywhere from 2-12 hours to complete.

How long does it take?

We will commence the drawings that are gifted in the 2019 holiday season in January of 2020. From the time a drawing is started it will take between one to three weeks for the custom t-shirt to be ready.

Will my giftee receive a digital file of the drawing?

No. We do provide a watermarked proof for them to approve, but do not provide a digital file. If there is interest in having the drawing printed on an item not listed on our website, please inquire as we have a full print shop at our disposal.

What if the pet's name is already on the website?

We use the name of each animal as a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) so we can't have duplicate names listed on our website. For example, if your giftee’s pet is named Tucker, we already have a design called Tucker the Border Collie so we’d need a different name for that design. In this case we have a couple of options:

  • Rename the drawing with a nickname, i.e. Tuck, Tucky, Tuck Tuck or
  • Add an adjective in front or behind the name, i.e. Loyal Tucker, Darling Tucker, etc.

Can the image be uploaded to another t-shirt printing website and sold there?

No, Inkopious retains all rights to the images created.

Can the image be used for a business logo or for commercial purposes?

No license is granted for any use. We are not offering commercial licenses at this time.


The Fine Print
Inkopious retains all rights to any image created. The resulting image may be added to our website and other third-party marketplaces without any compensation due to the buyer. Purchasing this product does not grant the buyer a license to use or sell the image created.  We reserve the right to refund and cancel any order. This item is not eligible for return or refund.

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