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Black Cat Names: 40 Ideas That Are Simply Meowgical!
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Black Cat Names: 40 Ideas That Are Simply Meowgical!

Naming a black cat can be a fun and creative process, especially considering their mysterious and elegant appearance. Whether you’re looking for something classic, mystical, or playful, we've got you covered with this list of 40 black cat names!

Black cat lying down

40 Black Cat Name Ideas

1. Midnight

A timeless choice that reflects the dark, beautiful coat of your feline friend.

2. Shadow

Perfect for a cat that moves with stealth and grace.

3. Luna

Inspired by the moon, which illuminates the dark night sky.

4. Onyx

A powerful name, perfect for a black cat with a strong personality.

5. Salem

Perfect for fans of Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

6. Ebony

A classy name that suits a black cat perfectly.

7. Jet

Simple and sleek, like the gemstone.

8. Pepper

A lively name for a black cat with lots of personality.

9. Raven

Inspired by the dark, intelligent bird often associated with mystery and magic.

10. Panther

A strong and wild name for a fierce and adventurous kitty.

11. Nero

Find inspiration from afar with the Italian word for black.

12. Noir

Or head on over to France for another variation.

13. Sable

Elegant and refined, perfect for a graceful cat.


Black cat outside

14. Magic

Because black cats are often associated with magical lore.

15. Nyx

Take inspiration from the Greek goddess of the night with this mystical choice.

16. Thunder

For a cat with a powerful presence and a loud purr!

17. Voodoo

A mysterious and mystical choice.

18. Eclipse

Perfect for a black cat that seems to overshadow everything with their presence!

19. Velvet

Ideal for a black cat with a soft, plush coat.

20. Cosmos

A name that captures the vastness and mystery of the universe.

21. Inky

We simply had to include this option! 

22. Storm

An excellent choice for a cat with a confident personality.

23. Ninja

Stealthy and agile, just like your black cat!

24. Boo

A playful name that adds a touch of spooky fun.

25. Twilight

Reflecting the darkness before sunrise.

Black cat in a tree

26. Puma

Take inspiration from a big black cat for your much smaller black cat!

27. Mystique

An enchanting option that's perfect for a black cat.

28. Licorice

Inspired by the sweet, dark candy.

29. Soot

Simple and fitting for a cat that’s black as soot.

30. Galaxy

Capturing the wonder and beauty of the night sky.

31. Batman

A fun name choice, perfect for fans of this character!

32. Zorro

A dashing and heroic name for a black cat.

33. Olive

A sophisticated option that's perfect for foodies! 

34. Gotham

Another Batman-inspired choice.

35. Morticia

The Addams Family more your thing? This name is perfect for a female black cat.

36. Wednesday

Another nod to The Addams Family, fitting for a quirky and mysterious black cat.

37. Elvira

A name inspired by the Mistress of the Dark, ideal for a cat with a dramatic flair.  

38. Cinder

For a black cat with a smoldering, mysterious charm.

39. Black Jack

A fun and playful name that’s perfect for a mischievous black cat.

40. Blackie

And last, but not least, perhaps the most fitting name of all for a black kitty!


We hope this list of black cat names helps to provide plenty of naming inspo! Whether you want something classic, mysterious, or fun, there's sure to be an option that suits your cat's unique personality. Happy naming!

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