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About Us

Diesel aka Dee(RIP)


We are a husband and wife duo with a passion for everything printed and have a deep love for animals. What started out as a simple drawing of our English Bulldog, Diesel, has grown into a wide variety of clothing and home goods.  We are a small family owned business located in beautiful Sonoma County, Ca. The brand was created in 2013 and we have grown from just a few designs to over 100 animal breeds drawn.


Inkopious® is a mashup of the 2 words Ink and Copious. Ink(a liquid that contains pigments and is used to color a surface to produce an image) and Copious(plentiful). All of the items that we produce use some form of ink and we use plenty of it. We also have copious amounts of love for animals of all shapes and sizes.


All of the drawings are created by a single artist, Michele Toomey. Michele went to school for Photography at the now-defunct Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. There she learned all the skills needed for top-notch photography along with some necessary skills using the Adobe Suite of software. Michele has always enjoyed drawing and in 2011 she started Diesel & Juice Illustrations named after our English Bulldog and Tabby Cat. Michele offered full colored custom pet portraits. These drawings started to evolve into line drawings and what started out as a simple drawing of Dee, our English Bulldog, has blossomed into over 200 drawings now. Michele has always had a fascination and love for stippling and you can see this in the evolution of her latest drawings.

Every illustration is drawn by hand. Illustrations can take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple of days. Michele's goal is to draw all the dogs, but she is also very involved in the day to day operations of the business. From providing excellent customer support to helping out with production during the holiday season, she is a wolf. So if you don't see a breed drawn yet, be patient and fill out this form to request a breed.


From design to production, every product on our website is printed in-house in our 7500 sq foot facility in Cotati, Ca to ensure the quality meets our strict standards. We only use premium tri-blend t-shirt blanks. We utilize several forms of printing methods including but not limited to: screen printing, direct-to-garment printing, giclee printing, and eco-solvent printing.

Your Purchase Truly Makes a Difference

In late 2018, we started to transition our apparel to a more eco-friendly brand of shirt. We partnered with Allmade®, a clothing manufacturer making a positive difference in both humanitarian and environmental impact. Allmade shirts are manufactured in Haiti, for a living wage, using US materials. Each tri-blend shirt contains up to 6 recycled plastic bottles. All of our Men's crew neck and Women's V-neck have transitioned to the Allmade brand and are working to switch over to Allmade for our Long Sleeve and Racerbacks by Spring 2019. 

Children in countries like Haiti, where the average worker earns a mere $3/day to support a family of 8, are at a high-risk of orphanage. The typical orphan in Haiti is not without parents, but rather without parents who can afford to care for their most basic needs—food, shelter, clothing, education,and basic healthcare.

Allmade has partnered with the Global Orphan Project to produce great quality shirts, while fighting generational poverty in Haiti. LIFE, the Haitian facility where Allmade shirts are produced, is among a number of ventures the GO Project has developed to create dignified work that keeps families together.

They pay workers 3-4x the going rate for similar jobs in the area, an amount carefully calculated to meet the basic needs of a Haitian household. 100% of LIFE's profits are dedicated to programs that support orphans.

Check out the impact we made in just a few short months in 2018:

2018 Allmade Impact

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