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Fall Dog Names: 25 Fun Autumn-Inspired Ideas
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Fall Dog Names: 25 Fun Autumn-Inspired Ideas

Fall is a season of nature, cozy evenings and pumpkins! Celebrate this beauti-fall season with an autumn-inspired name for your pup! If you're looking for inspo for your fall puppy, here are some fun, cute, and more traditional fall dog names to spice up your names list.

Dog running in fall with leaves falling 

25 Fall Dog Name Ideas

1. Maple 

A nod to the stunning red and orange hues of maple leaves during fall.

2. Cider

A sweet and refreshing name, just like the drink!

3. Acorn

These tiny treasures are a symbol of growth and potential in the fall.

4. Autumn

A classic choice - you can't get much more seasonal than this name!

5. Harvest

Celebrate the bountiful harvest season during fall with this name.

6. Rusty

A great name choice for dogs with reddish coats, reminiscent of fall foliage.

Maple the Golden Retriever drawing

Maple the Golden Retriever

Rusty the Toy Poodle drawing

Rusty the Toy Poodle

7. Pumpkin

Because what's fall without pumpkins? This name is as cute as it is festive. An excellent choice for dogs who love to eat pumpkins!

8. Hazel

Just like hazelnuts, this name is a little nutty and a whole lot of fun!

9. Cocoa

A nod to a fall favorite drink and perfect for pups with brown coats.

10. Moss

Inspired by the beautifully rich green moss that thrives in the cooler, damper months.

11. Scout

For the adventurous pup who loves exploring on fall walks!

12. Raven

A mystical and mysterious name inspired by the iconic black bird.

13. Cinnamon

The warm and spicy scent of cinnamon is synonymous with fall. Perfectly suited to pups with a cinnamon-colored coat.

Dog looking at pumpkin in fall

 14. Red

Does your pup have a coat as vibrant as the leaves in October? Red is not just a color but a lively personality that brightens up your life every day.

15. Ember

Your dog's fiery spirit and warm heart make Ember an ideal name for this cozy season. This name is an excellent reminder of the warm, glowing embers of a campfire.

16. Ginger

A spicy name that adds a touch of warmth to your dog's identity.

17. Smokey

This option evokes images of cozy campfire moments, where the smoke rises into the crisp, autumn air.

18. Copper

The perfect pick for dogs with copper-colored fur.

19. Libra

For the well-balanced pup who brings harmony to your life, just like the changing seasons.

20. Apple

A staple of fall harvest and a great choice for the apple of your eye!

Ginger the Aussie drawing

Ginger the Australian Shepherd

Hazel the Mixed Breed drawing

Hazel the Mixed Breed

21. Pecan

A sweet and nutty name, perfect for sweet and nutty pups!

22. Forest

Ideal for dogs who love long walks in the woods during autumn.

23. Piper

Inspired by the melodies of birds migrating south for the winter.

24. Squash

A playful and quirky name for dogs with fun-loving personalities.

25. November

The month when fall is in full swing, leading into the fun holiday season.


    We hope you've enjoyed our gourd ideas for fall dog names! Now you've had some autumn naming inspo, check out dog-friendly fall activities you can do with your pooch during this beautiful season and choose some fun fall dog apparel to wear while you're having fall fun! 

    Fall Thankful Hoodies 

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