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French Bulldogs: The Grooming Basics
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French Bulldogs: The Grooming Basics

The French Bulldog is one of the sweetest pups you’ll ever meet which might be why they’re one of the most popular breeds in America - in fact, in 2022 they overtook Labradors to become the nation's most popular dog breed. These dogs are known for their great temperament, robust energy, and outgoing personalities. Whether you’re a new French Bulldog owner or looking to adopt in the future, you should know about this breed's grooming requirements in order to keep them clean and healthy. Here are the French Bulldog grooming basics to help you care for your Frenchie BFF.

French Bulldog in bath

Bathing Your French Bulldog

This breed is fairly easy to care for when it comes to grooming. Frenchies don't require regular baths, but will need them as and when necessary - roughly once every 4-6 weeks should be sufficient.

Frenchies can potentially stay clean for weeks without washing. In fact, bathing your French Bulldog too often can actually cause damage to their coat as the natural oils help replenish the shine and vibrancy. 

When you do need to bathe your pup, clean them gently using a mild pet shampoo and warm water. It's important to use a mild shampoo designed for dogs because this breed is prone to skin allergies, so avoid human shampoo or anything that may cause irritation. Check out our grooming product recommendations.

To dry your Frenchie, you can pat them dry with a towel or use a blow dryer - ensure it's set to a low heat setting to avoid causing irritation or burns. 

How to Clean Frenchie Face Folds

When you bathe your French bulldog, it’s not a simple rinse. Because of their face folds, be sure to avoid getting their face wet which can trap moisture in their folds and cause infection.

After you’re done drying your Frenchie, lift their face folds and check for any signs of irritation. You can use a slightly damp washcloth or dog-friendly wipes to gently clean the area, then ensure inside the folds are dried to avoid trapped moisture. 

Because they can easily harbor bacteria, it's a good idea to check their face folds regularly. If you have any concerns, speak to your vet for professional advice.

French Bulldog drawing

Kingsleigh the French Bulldog

Love Always French Bulldog drawing with heart

Love Always French Bulldog

Brushing Your French Bulldog

Because Frenchies don’t require frequent bathing, it's recommended to brush your dog weekly. Brushing their coat helps to promote new hair growth, removes dead hair and circulates their skin oil to keep the coat healthy and shiny.

Frenchies do shed hair, but minimally for most of the year. 

Trimming Your French Bulldog's Nails

In addition to brushing their coat and providing occasional baths, you also should regularly trim your French Bulldog’s nails. Overgrown nails can be painful for pups, so checking nails regularly is an important part of the grooming requirements for a Frenchie.

French Bulldog in a grooming salon

French Bulldog Tear Stains

There are various dog breeds that are prone to tear stains, including flat-faced breeds such as Pugs, Boxers, and French Bulldogs. Tear stains are reddish-brown markings that appear under the dog's eyes and they can have many causes.

Whilst tear stains aren't typically harmful, some tear duct issues can lead to infection if not properly cleaned or treated. If you notice a large amount of redness around your pups eyes or if they keep rubbing their face, consult your vet.

Should I Cut My Frenchie's Hair?

The simple answer is no! Because their coat is so fine, they need to maintain their full coat to regulate their body temperature and protect their skin. The only time you should shave or trim a French bulldog is at your vet’s recommendation. 


Now you have all the French Bulldog grooming basics for a happy Frenchie! With weekly brushing and a monthly bath, your French Bulldog’s coat will be clean and well-groomed. Just don't forget to check their facial folds and trim their nails. Show off your love for this adorable breed with our French Bulldog apparel.

French Bulldog hoodie 


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