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French Bulldogs: Everything You Need to Know
French Bulldog - Everything You Need to Know

If you're looking for a petite pooch with enormous character, the French Bulldog might be just what you need. This adorable pup is much smaller than other breeds and has big bat ears that are impossible to miss! French bulldogs have become one of the most popular dog breeds in America in part due to their suitability for city life. They require minimal exercise which makes them a popular choice for those living in the city or in tight living situations. This compact breed is adored for being friendly with an outgoing personality that will win the hearts of many. Read on to learn if owning a French Bulldog is the right breed choice for you.

French Bulldog Appearance

Frenchies are quite unique in appearance with defining features. Between their adorable smushed faces, square heads, chubby limbs, and signature bat ears— you’ll never mistake a Frenchie for another kind of dog.

  • Breed Type: Brachycephalic breed (short nose and flat face)
  • Height: 11”-13” tall
  • Weight: Up to 28 pounds
  • Coat: Shiny & short haired
  • Color: White, tan, fawn, and brindle (some Frenchies have a black face mask, while others are the same shade all over)


French Bulldog - Everything You Need to Know

French Bulldog Personality
Frenchies are kind and affectionate, known to be attention loving and enjoy all human company. Often touted as a lap dog, Frenchies will snuggle up right to their owners if given the chance. So you can invest in a high-end comfy dog bed, but let’s be real— they’re gonna want to cuddle up with you at night!

Frenchies are very well tempered and fun-loving dogs. They do, however, do well with a strong dominant presence in the home. If you let them rule the roost, they can become incredibly stubborn and turn into quite a handful. If you’re interested in owning a Frenchie, you must commit to positive reinforcement training to help your pups mind their manners. Lastly, this compact breed has high energy and loves to play. You do have keep an eye on how hard their panting gets; you may need to encourage them to lie down and recover after hearty spurts of playtime.

Ideal Environment for a French Bulldog

Due to their relatively small size and moderate exercise needs make them great apartment dogs. Short, consistent walks will provide sufficient exercise to keep your dog healthy and fit. Even a quick zoom around the living room will wear them out for the day.

Because they’re a Brachycephalic breed, Frenchies can’t handle heat and need to be in a temperature-controlled home. They also can’t swim, so keep them away from pools or bodies of water.

The Ideal Pet Parent for This Breed
For the most part, your Frenchie will be happy wherever you are. So if you love having the company of an adorable compact dog who follows you around at all times, then the French bulldog might be for you. These silly lap dogs love nothing more than to hang out, play with their family, cuddle, and nap. Although they may not be the best pooch for those who are always on the run, if you’re a homebody who loves to laugh then French bulldogs are for you.

French Bulldog - Everything You Need to Know

French Bulldog Training
French Bulldogs are easy to train and will do anything for a treat! They have a slight tendency to be stubborn, so you might find your Frenchie trying to call the shots. Leash training can be hard at times, especially if your pup decides that “enough is enough” and they refuse to walk. You eventually have to pick them up and carry them the rest of the way, something not all people want to do. It’s suggested to get your French bulldog accustomed to their leash at home before going on walks and investing in a comfortable harness to assist with these moments.

Socializing Your Frenchie
As with most dogs, socializing your Frenchie early is a super important part of their development. Schedule playdates to help them become acclimated to social settings and other dogs. Frenchies enjoy rough housing or an innocent game of chase, so make sure to keep an eye on them around larger dogs so they don’t get hurt. Lastly, keep a close eye on how tired or over-excited they get. You don’t want your dog to struggle to catch their breath after over-exerting themselves.

French Bulldog Grooming
French bulldogs have short, shiny, low-maintenance coats that are easy to clean and maintain. Try brushing them once a week with a rubber grooming mitt to keep their coat healthy and dirt-free. You may need to up the brush game during shedding seasons such as spring and fall, where they may need more frequent brushing to remove dead fur as they shed their undercoat. Just like other dogs, keep your Frenchies nails trimmed and brush their teeth regularly.

Because French Bulldogs are a Brachycephalic breed, you will need to clean your dog’s facial folds 2-3 times per week to avoid staining or bacterial infections. This can be done by simply wiping their folds with a soft, damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

French Bulldog Health
Like other breeds with short muzzles, the Frenchie is prone to respiratory problems—wheezing, snoring and discomfort in hot weather. They’re prone to heatstroke and overfeeding can add to their difficulty breathing. Other problems can affect their heart, back and eyes. Overall, this breed is fairly high maintenance in terms of health, but we love them all the same. Some pet parents opt for pet health insurance.

Welcoming This Breed into the Family
Frenchies are one of the most popular breeds around, so there’s no shortage of information about finding one to bring home. But it’s important to do your research and avoid unethical breeders and puppy mills. Breed-specific rescue groups are a great way to find a dog who needs a new home!

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