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July's Dog Model Contest Winners

August 12, 2020 1 minute read time

Congratulations to our July Dog Model Contest winners! July's theme was "Happy Dogs", and boy did all of you deliver! With so many smiling faces to choose from, it was difficult to make a decision. So instead of two winners, we chose seven and we are not mad about it! Check out the winners below!

⁠POPULAR VOTE: Ragnar the Irish Wolfhound

Ragnar the Irish Wolfhound

STAFF PICK: Petrah American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Petrah American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

STAFF PICK: Sven the Double Merle

Sven the Double Merle

STAFF PICK: Harley the Pitbull Mix

Harley the Pitbull Mix

STAFF PICK: Lemmie the Mixed Breed

Lemmie the Mixed Breed

STAFF PICK: Wally the Pekingese

STAFF PICK: Koda the Pitbull Chow Mix

Koda the Pitbull Chow Mix

This month we had over 1500 entries... you heard me, 1500! We wish that we could draw all of your pups, but sadly there just isn't enough time in the day! If you didn't win, please don't give up hope - get outside with your pup and snap some new pics for this months Dog Model Contest.

Here's how it works... Submit a photo of your furry best friend for a chance to win a shirt and tote bag with a custom design of your pup. When you win, your canine companion will be immortalized in ink as the next dog in our Inkopious Collection! Typically, only two entrants will be selected - one by popular vote, and the other via staff pick. So snap a sketch-able pic of your dog in good lighting and send it our way! We can't wait to see your goodest pups! ENTER AUGUSTS DOG MODEL CONTEST HERE!

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