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Top 10 Pets That Aren’t Cats or Dogs
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Top 10 Pets That Aren't Cats or Dogs

When you think of pets, cats and dogs are probably the first to come to mind. But what are some of the most popular pets in the United States next to these super-popular furry friends? Check out the top 10 pets that aren't cats or dogs below.

Top Pets That Aren't Cats or Dogs 

Fish in a fish tank


1. Fish

Did you know that after dogs and cats, fish are the next most popular pets in the United States? While most would think that the next most popular pet would be soft and cuddly, fish are surprisingly very well loved. They're fairly well easy to care for, plus an aquarium does make for a fun home accessory! 

Parrot as a pet bird - Top 10 Pets That Aren’t Cats or Dogs


2. Birds

Birds are the next most popular pet on the list. Cockatiels and parrots are two of the most popular pet bird breeds amongst American owners. Other bird breeds often kept as pets include parakeets, doves, and finches.

Rabbits as pets - Top 10 Pets That Aren’t Cats or Dogs


3. Rabbits

Rabbits make really great pets, but require appropriate housing, exercise, socialization and a specific diet to live comfortably. Rabbits generally live for 5 to 10 years depending on their environment and breed, but they can live for as long as 12 years. Make sure you research how to care for a rabbit before deciding to own one as a pet, and be prepared to look after them for the long term. 

Chickens as pets - Top 10 Pets That Aren’t Cats or Dogs


4. Chickens

These cute feathered friends are often regarded as the “must-have” form of livestock. As well as being farm animals, chickens can also make great companions. They are highly intelligent animals that can be trained fairly easily, and they often have big personalities.

Hamsters as pets - Top 10 Pets That Aren’t Cats or Dogs

5. Hamsters

Hamsters are a common household pet and have been known to be a huge hit— especially with kids. After all, these little guys are the epitome of cuteness: small, round, furry, and inquisitive. A great starter pet, most would say! These little guys are perfect companions and can be set up in almost any home. 

Guinea Pigs as pets - Top 10 Pets That Aren’t Cats or Dogs

6. Guinea Pigs

Similarly to hamsters, guinea pigs are excellent starter pets. They’re super social critters that require a large space and a companion to thrive. Just like rabbits, they’re a long-term commitment as they live between 5-7 years, and sometimes longer! So be prepared to provide care long term. 

Ferrets as pets - Top 10 Pets That Aren’t Cats or Dogs


7. Ferrets

Although illegal in California and Hawaii, Ferrets are pretty popular pets. Their small size and outgoing personalities make them a top choice amongst pet owners. Ferrets are members of the weasel family, so they are highly intelligent and social creatures. Although they seem easy to care for, they are a big responsibility and often require just as much care as a cat or dog— if not more! 

Bearded dragon


8. Bearded Dragons

When it comes to reptiles, bearded dragons are a solid choice as one of the most popular specialty pets. Reigning over other reptiles in the popularity stakes, bearded dragons are also easier to care for than many other reptiles. Add in their social, friendly, and docile temperaments and it's easy to see why they're a popular pet. 

Pet ball python

9. Ball Pythons

Ball pythons are also a popular choice when it comes to reptile pets. Their manageable size and usually calm temperament make them ideal for first-time snake owners. However, similarly to choosing any pet, there are things to consider before taking on a ball python, with the main issue being their impressive lifespans - these snakes can live up to 30 years in captivity and possibly even longer.

Horses as pets - Top 10 Pets That Aren’t Cats or Dogs


10. Horses

Although horses make wonderful pets, they are incredibly expensive to own and take care of. If you're lucky enough to own a horse, they can be loyal, make great companions, and of course provide plenty of exercise every time you ride them!


All of these pets provide a range of companionship options beyond the traditional cats and dogs, each with unique care requirements and benefits. Whether you prefer the serenity of a fish tank, the chatter of a parrot, or the playful energy of a small critter, there's a perfect pet out there for everyone! Head on over to our Find My Breed tool to shop apparel dedicated to your pet.

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