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Valentine's Day Has Gone to the Dogs

January 23, 2020 4 minute read time

Are you looking to have a great Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry! We’ve got the pawfect pawtner in crime for you - your dog! That’s right! Why not spend Valentine’s Day with a friend who will always be there fur you? Grab your dog and get ready for a fun-filled Pal-entine’s day. Here are 10 tips to make Valentine’s day with your dog full of fur, treats and love!

Make (or buy) Valentine's Day Treats

It’s easy to find Valentine’s Day themed pet treats that you can order online. However, if you want a more personal experience that you and your pup can enjoy, make some treats yourself. Using dog safe red fruit like strawberries, cherries (only the flesh - no pits!) and cranberries, you can make a variety of vibrantly-colored, dog-friendly treats for Valentine’s Day. They’re especially fun if you have heart shaped molds that you can use to bake or freeze in for extra cuteness. For example you can enjoy this strawberry banana recipe alongside your pup:

Give Your Dog a Massage

That’s right. Give your dog a real massage. Not just a cursory pat on the head, but a good long, butt-scratching, belly-lovin’, behind-the-ear rubbing, nape of the neck noodling, shoulder smooshing massage. Really let them feel the love! Even if you’re not a professional masseuse, your dog will think you are and that’s all that matters.

Make Your Pet a Playlist:

Offer your pet a musical pledge of love, by creating a custom playlist for you to listen to together. Spotify can help create pet playlists, which are algorithmically created so both you and your pet can enjoy them. While it’s fun to see what Spotify’s coding comes up with, if computer generated playlists aren’t up your alley, it’s always fun to make them a mixtape the old fashioned way. Back in my day we burned each other CD’s and I know before that, in a distant time, mixtapes were actually made with cassette tapes! If that still isn’t personal enough for you, it’s time to get down on your knees and sing your pup an original ode to express your undying love.

Groom Your Dog

No, we're not suggesting you become your dog's Groom and marry them, just give them a brush! Most dogs love a good brushing. Give them the silky smooth fur they deserve. They will appreciate the extra bit of gentle brushing. It will help them relax, feel better and look their best. Grooming is also a key activity you can do to help strengthen the bond that you and your dog share.

Have a Nice Sit Down Dinner 

Instead of trying to book yourself a reservation at a fancy-shmancy restaurant, stay at home with your pup. You can make a meal for you and your pooch, kick back wherever you like and truly relax. No frantic calls to restaurants to try and book a last minute reservation, or trying to grab the attention of your panicky-overworked waiter who's attempting to simultaneously serving twenty different couples, or shelling out for a massively overpriced, mediocre tasting meal. Just you and your dog enjoying your favorite things; eating good food and spending time together.

Go on an Extra Long Walk 

It might be brisk out in February but all the better to enjoy the crisp clean air of the outdoors on a long, hearty walk. Spending quality time with your pup is easy when there’s a walk involved. They’ll love you for the extra time you spend together exploring the neighborhood, discovering new smells and looking up at the night sky.

Buy Them a New Valentine’s Day Toy

Who doesn’t love a new toy? If they’ve already stolen your heart, then let them try and yank away a heart shaped toy from you! If cute aggression is something you experience when looking at your dog, then a heart shaped tug-of-war toy is the perfect way to let it out! Have a heartfelt game of tug-of-war with your Westie bestie or roughhouse (safely) with your Rottweiler.

Brush Their Teeth

Every dog loves… who are we kidding, this isn’t an easy sell. Getting your dog to enjoy having their teeth brushed is a laborious process but one well worth it for how much it helps your pup’s dental hygiene and overall health, especially in the golden years. February is National Pet Dental Health Month - created by the American Veterinary Medical Association! Make sure your chewer’s chomper’s are feeling fresh and clean with a good brush and a dental dog treat. 

Show Off Your Pup’s Face

It’s no secret how much we love dogs here at Inkopious. That’s why we created our Valentine’s Day Collection, so everyone can show the love they bear for their best friend! Choose from a wide array of hoodies and shirts, not to mention our terrific tote bags. Each with your favorite furball’s face, framed in special Valentine’s Day heart shaped glasses. Display your love across the land, or at least the next time you visit the dog park!


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Share Your Love With the World

Post to social media! It can be cheesy, emotional, over-the-top, sarcastic ooshy-gooshy-gooey, serious, or anything else in between. Just as long as it makes you and your pup happy! There’s nothing like a post to social media to declare your undying devotion to your pup. If you’re a real go-getter and you’ve taken all the previous tips to heart, you can document your epic Valentine’s Day adventures with your pup and make a post cataloging all of your activities! A super mega Valentine’s day love bomb post is the mark of true puppy love.

There are a ton more ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your best bud. We want to see what you come up with! Tag uson social media on any Valentine’s Day posts you make with your dog! It would make our hearts happy and our tails wag. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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