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What are Dog Zoomies and What Causes Them?

What are Dog Zoomies and What Causes Them?

Ever found your dog running around with sheer determination, as if they simply can’t go fast enough? They’ve had a case of dog zoomies! But what are dog zoomies and what causes them? Let’s find out!

Dog zoomies

What are Dog Zoomies?

The technical name for dog zoomies is Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs). If your dog is running around in circles very fast or running backwards and forwards as fast as they can, doing laps of a room in your house, your backyard etc, your dog has the zoomies! They usually snap out of it fairly quickly, and need a rest after all the craziness!

What Causes Zoomies?

Zoomies are caused by a build-up of energy (this can include nervous energy) that they feel the need to express. There are various causes that could lead to this build-up of energy that they need to release, including:

  • Being let out of a crate
  • After having a bath
  • After a vet appointment
  • Before they go to bed
  • After eating their food

Some dogs don’t enjoy having a bath and so to be feeling free again can bring about relief, which they express through zoomies. The same can be said about vet appointments - who enjoys visiting the vets?! Zoomies before bed helps to get rid of any surplus energy, so they can get prepared for a long period of rest. Some dogs get so excited for mealtimes that they have zoomies after eating, to express that excitable energy!

Younger dogs are the most likely to get zoomies, so you may find they occur less in more senior pooches, although they can still get them. 

Dog zoomies

How to Make Sure Zoomies are Safe

Zoomies can involve your pooch running around at very fast speeds, so if you’re expecting them to take place, it’s a good idea to be prepared! If you’re about to give them a bath and know that they’ll be partaking in a round of zoomies straight after, ensure there are no breakables nearby. It’s probably best to take them straight into a room where you’ll know they’ll be safe, where there isn’t anything that could injure them whilst they’re darting around. Carpeted rooms or your backyard are likely to be safer than wooden or laminate floors for very fast-moving paws!

It's worth remembering that whilst the occasional round of zoomies isn’t a cause for concern, if they’re happening a lot, it could be a sign that they’re not getting enough walks or stimulation. You could try more frequent or longer walks and offer stimulating toys, such as filled Kongs. If you have any worries about your pet and his or her health, we’d always recommend having a chat with a veterinarian to get professional advice. 

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