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Custom Pet Portrait FAQ

What’s the difference between the 3 Custom Pet Portrait options?

Custom Sketched Pet Portrait:

  • Our classic face forward, detailed, fully accessorized style! This option is a detailed drawing of your pet’s face. We’ll draw your pet and also add them to all of our different collections for example, our Christmas collection, Valentine’s day collection and many more!

Custom Doodled Pet Portrait

  • These portraits are done in a ‘doodle’ style. They are meant to present your pet’s personality in a fun, unique way. While not detailed like our other styles, they are personalized, unique fully custom works of art and are available on all our different products except as decals. We aren’t able to add any accessories to our Doodled Pet Portraits at this time.

Custom Love Always Pet Portrait:

  • A sweet and simple cartoon-like doodle with thick and minimal lines. Pets drawn in this style will have the accessories that correspond to this category: including a heart, mischievous horns, santa hat, winter hat, thankful text, and reindeer antlers. 

Custom Pet Profile Portrait

  • This detailed style is a work of art depicting your pet’s face from a profile, or side view. Once completed it can be printed on all of our various products. However, unlike our classic Sketched Pet Portrait, Profile Pet Portraits won’t be available with accessories or added to our holiday collections.

Does it have to be a dog?

Not at all, we love all animals and it's nice to be able to switch it up from drawing dogs all day. :)

Can you draw multiple animals?

We can, but you would need to purchase a custom drawing for each animal. We are unable to print them all on 1 item. Each drawing would be a separate shirt or print.

What if I want more shirts?

Your drawing will be added to our site and you and all of our visitors will be able to purchase all of our styles including hoodies, totes and more.

Will my furry friend be available in all of the holiday collections?

This will vary depending on the type of custom drawing you’ve chosen. If your custom pet portrait is our classic ‘Custom Sketched Pet Portrait’ then it will come with variations for all of our holiday accessories. However, our Doodled pet portraitsdon’tcome with holiday or accessory options.

Can you design in color?

Not at this time. Your drawing will be in line sketched style with black ink only.

Can you draw the body of my fur friend?

This depends on which style of custom pet portrait you purchase. The only style where our artists include your pet’s entire body is our “Doodled Pet Portrait.” For our classic “Sketched Pet Portrait” we only draw your furry companion’s face.

How many revisions do I get?

We will send you a proof of your drawing once complete. We do allow minor revisions. Any major revisions are billed at the hourly rate of $75. We do not offer refunds once a drawing has been started.

What type of pics are best?

This depends on what style of pet portrait you’re interested in. For our classic “Sketched Pet Portrait” we need clear head on shots in good lighting to see all the details of your furry friend.


For our “Doodled Pet Portrait,” our artists can draw your pet from almost any pose, as long as the reference photo you send is clear and high quality.

Why is it so expensive?

Each dog is hand-drawn by one of our founder and artist, Michele in our Northern California studio. We do not outsource any part of the process, nor do we use any type of software actions or filters. A drawing can take anywhere from 2-12 hours to complete.

How long does it take?

The approximate turnaround for the drawing is 1-3 weeks. 

Will I get a digital file of the drawing?

No. We do provide a watermarked proof for you to review, but do not provide a digital file. If you are interested in having your drawing printed on something you don't see on our website, please inquire as we have a full print shop.

What if my pet's name is the same as one on the website?

We use the name of your animal as a sku, so we can't have duplicate name's. For example, if your pet's name is Tucker, we already have a design called Tucker the Border Collie. So if your pet has the same name as an existing design, we have a couple of options:

  • Rename the drawing with a nickname or
  • Add an adjective in front or behind the name, i.e. Loyal Tucker, Darling Tucker, etc.

Can I upload the image to another t-shirt printing website and make it available for sale?

No, Inkopious retains all rights to the images created.

Can I use the image for a business logo or for commercial purposes?

No license is granted for any use. We are not offering commercial licenses at this time.