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Best Pet Car Accessories: Travelling Essentials
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Best Pet Car Accessories: Travelling Essentials

From pet hair and muddy paws to keeping them safe, managing a car ride with your furry companion can be both fun and a challenging experience! In this blog post, we'll explore the best pet car accessories to make your journeys more enjoyable and safe for both you and your furry friends.

Dog in the back of a car 

7 Best Pet Car Accessories

1. Vehicle Pet Barrier

A Vehicle Pet Barrier, creates a secure divider between the backseat and the rest of the car, preventing your pup from wandering into the front seat. This not only ensures your pet's safety but also reduces distractions for the driver, making the journey safer for everyone.

2. Portable Dog Water Bottle and Bowl

Being able to keep your pup hydrated during car trips is a must, particularly if it's a long journey. An all-in-one water bottle and bowl allows you to provide water for your pet on the go, helping them to stay hydrated during pit stops, hikes, or any outdoor adventures.

3. Pet Crate

A pet crate helps to keep your pet safe whilst travelling, plus it can provide a sense of security for them. 

4. Air Purifying Bags

It can be hard work trying to keep your car odor-free when you're transporting pets, especially if they've got wet and dirty on a hike! Air purifying bags filled with activated charcoal are a natural and non-toxic way to keep doggy odors at bay!

Dog in the back of car

5. Waterproof Dog Seat Cover

Want to protect your car from muddy paws, claws, and accidents? A waterproof dog seat cover is the answer! These covers provide a barrier between your pup and your car seats, making cleanup a breeze.

6. Large Surface Roller

We all know how well pet hair likes to stick to everything, car seats included! A large surface roller with adhesive sheets is perfect for quickly picking up pet hair - we recommend keeping one in your car. We've tried Tiktok gadgets before and not had much luck - this roller always works. 

7. Safety Seat Belt Straps

Just as you secure yourself with a seat belt, you can also use safety seat belt straps to keep your pet in place whilst travelling. We use this safety restraint for our pups and it doubles as an excellent short leash when in a pinch. 


These pet car accessories will all help to create a safe, secure, and enjoyable ride for your four-legged companions, as well as helping to keep your car safe from muddy paws! Happy travels!

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