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Christmas Dog Names: 25 Fun Festive Name Ideas
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Christmas Dog Names: 25 Fun Festive Name Ideas

If you're picking up a new pup over the holidays, or you wish it could be Christmas every day, nothing says Merry Woofmas like a festive name! We've got traditional, quirky, and adorable options to get you in the howlidays spirit. Here are 25 fun Christmas dog names to help you and your pup have a furry little Christmas!   

Dogs wearing Christmas tree costumes 

25 Christmas Dog Name Ideas

1. Holly

Capture the spirit of the season with this name, inspired by the traditional Christmas plant.

2. Jingle

Jingle paws, jingle paws, jingle all the way! This is the perfect choice for a dog that loves to make noise.

3. Merry

Be reminded of the joy and merriment of the Christmas season the whole year round with this cheerful name.

4. Star

A name that shines bright, just like the star at the top of your tree!

5. Eve

A beautiful choice for a female dog, representing the magic of the night before Christmas.

6. Faith

A traditional option for a female dog that reflects the spirit of the holiday season.

Brittany Spaniel drawing

Holly the Brittany Spaniel

Labrador Retriever drawing

Faith the Labrador Retriever

7. Santa

A much-loved symbol of Christmas, this name pays homage to the jolly gift-bringer himself.

8. Kringle

Another festive option inspired by the famous gift-bringer, Kris Kringle or Santa Claus.

9. Angel

Ideal for a dog with a gentle and loving demeanor, who can do no wrong in your eyes!

10. Mistletoe

A great choice for a pup that loves to give and receive affection, especially if they can't give enough kisses!

11. Frosty

Inspired by the cooler weather at Christmas, this name would be perfect for a dog with a white coat. 

12. Rudolph

What could be more reminiscent of Christmas than Santa's most famous reindeer? You could use 'Rudy' for short.

Dog wearing Christmas costume 

13. Comet

Another reindeer-inspired name that would be well-suited to a pup that runs very fast or enjoys doing zoomies!

14. Vixen

Perfect for a spirited dog, drawing inspiration from another of Santa's reindeer.

15. Joy

This traditional name encapsulates the true meaning of Christmas.

16. Candy Cane

A sweet choice for sweet pups! Easily shortened to 'Candy'. 

17. Yule

A unique and historical name, referencing the ancient celebration of the winter solstice.

18. Tinsel

Sparkling and bright, perfect for a dog with a shiny coat or a vibrant personality.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever drawing

Vixen the Toller

Comet the Pitbull Mix drawing

Comet the Pitbull Mix

19. Cranberry

A festive and unique name for a dog with a bold and colorful personality.

20. Chestnut

An ideal choice for a dog with a warm and rich coat.

21. Christmas

They don't get much more Christmassy than this! Perfect for a pup born during the holiday season.

22. North

Take inspiration from the North Pole and Santa's workshop with this name.

23. Cocoa

Perfect for pups with brown coats with owners who love a cup of cocoa!

24. Gingerbread

An adorable name for a dog with a warm and sweet personality.

25. Elfie

A playful twist on Santa's Christmas helper, the elf.


If you love the festive season, choosing one of these Christmas dog names is a sure-fire way to bring some holiday cheer the whole year round! Whether your dog is merry and bright or calm and collected, there's a name on this list to suit every personality, and every coat color too. Shop our Christmas collections to find your new favorite festive apparel!

Child wearing Christmas shirt with a dog wearing a Santa hat


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