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Celebrating Caturday: The Most Purrfect Day of the Week!
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Celebrating Caturday: The Most Purrfect Day of the Week!

There's one thing we know for sure - Caturday is the most purrfect day of the week! It's the day when cat lovers around the world unite in their affection for our feline friends. Whether you're a long-time cat parent, considering adopting one, or simply enjoy scrolling through endless pictures of cats online, Caturday is a day to celebrate cats and the fun they bring.

Cat on top of cat tree

What is Caturday?

The term "Caturday" originated from the internet's collective love for cats. It's a portmanteau (or fusion) of the words "cat" and "Saturday," signifying a day dedicated entirely to cat content. What could be better? And of course, we love a fusion of words - our name is made up of the words 'ink' and 'copious', after all!

This trend began on online forums and social media platforms, where users would share photos, videos, and memes of cats doing what they do best—being utterly adorable and sometimes bewilderingly peculiar.

Their internet domination is one of the reasons why some people feel that cats are secretly plotting a global takeover, leading to the creation of Cat World Domination Day - we're not kitten! 

Why We Love Caturday

Caturday is not just about flooding the internet with cat pictures (though we wholeheartedly encourage that). It's about celebrating the unique bond between cats and their humans.

Cats offer us companionship, comfort, and endless entertainment. Their independent yet affectionate nature makes them fascinating companions. Plus, numerous studies have shown that spending time with cats can reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and even improve heart health.

Cat sticking out tongue

How to Celebrate Caturday

1. Snap Some Photos 

It's a fact that there will never be enough cat photos in the world. So, why not add some more to the mix?  It can be as simple as snapping pictures with your phone or as elaborate as setting up themed backdrops. Share your best shots on social media with the hashtag #Caturday.

2. Spoil Your Feline Friend

Use Caturday as an excuse to spoil your cat with extra treats, new toys, or a cozy new bed.

3. Enjoy a Kitty Movie Marathon

What could be better than a lazy day spent watching cat-themed movies? Curl up with your feline friend and enjoy classics like "The Aristocats," and "A Street Cat Named Bob."

4. Support a Local Shelter

Many shelters and rescues have more cats than they can find homes for. Celebrate Caturday by donating, volunteering, or even adopting a new furry friend. Your support can make a huge difference in the lives of many cats.

5. Choose New Cat Apparel

The purrfect Caturday activity - choosing new apparel from our Cats Collection! You'll be spoiled for choice with our cat shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more.


A day dedicated to cats every week? Why not! Caturday is the day to appreciate the quirks, cuddles, and companionship of our feline friends. Grab your camera, your cat apparel, and treat your cat to a fun Caturday! 

What's One More Cat Hoodie 


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