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Celebrating Caturday!

August 07, 2020 3 minute read time

August 8th is International Cat Day! A day to celebrate all aspects of our furry feline friends and all the joy they bring to our lives. This year International Cat Day, always celebrated on August 8th, falls on a Saturday, which will from now on be referred to as Caturday because it's too hard to not do. Caturday exists for many reasons but for the most part, it’s a moment to step back and appreciate these feline friends of ours. Take a second and reflect on all of the good that's come to your life from having a feline companion. Another important reason we celebrate this day is to highlight all of those cats out there who don’t have humans to celebrate with yet. That’s why, if you don’t have a cat to celebrate Caturday with, you should find a shelter or a cat cafe near you and change that! Here are just a few tips fur having the purrfect Caturday.

Pet a cat!

Give the cat in your life a massage and show them some love!
If you don’t have a cat volunteer at your local animal shelter and pet the cats there. They’ll love you for it as they are often lacking loving interaction with people.

petting a cat

Adopt a Cat!

There are plenty out there waiting to be adopted! Or if you already own enough cats, see if you can volunteer at a local shelter or help nudge a friend who’s on the fence about adopting a furry friend in the right direction! Find a local shelter or take them on a trip to a cat cafe if you have one in your area. 

Share a meal with your cat

One of the simplest meals is just to make yourself some tuna fish and set a bit of the tuna from the can aside for your cat. Once you’ve made your tuna however you like (a tuna melt, tuna catserole, tuna salad etc) sit down with your meal and set the tuna you put aside from earlier down for your cat. You’ll be able to enjoy a meal together chowing down!

cat eating

Take a cat nap 

This can just be a regular nap but with your cat. If you know your cat well, you know where they like to snooze during the day. Just head there and see if they want to snuggle up beside you. It can be quite relaxing.

cat sleeping

Do some yoga with your cat

Cats are known for their flexibility when stretching. Channel your inner cat by putting a yoga mat on the floor and stretching out on it. You can also use your cat to do some extra special yoga poses highlighted in this yoga tutorial.

Find a new toy for your cat

There are plenty of cat toys out there that are designed to entertain your cat. Find something new that they haven’t seen before! Cats are easily bored and it’s healthy to keep their brains stimulated with fun new activities and objects!

cat playing

Take a picture and post it to social media 

It’s hard to go wrong taking pictures of your cat. There will never be enough cat photos in the world. Make sure to use these following hashtags to make sure this holiday catches on: #internationalcatday #internationalcatday2020 #internationalcatday🐱 #catday


📸: @notso_mini_cooper

Put on some Inkopious swag!

Put on a super comfy shirt with your favorite furry face on it to celebrate! We have a ton of cool cat designs that you can find right here on our site!

cool cat tote bag

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