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Easter Dog Names: 15 Fun Ideas for Naming an Easter Pup

15 Fun Easter-Inspired Dog Names 

Want to give your pooch a name that nods to Easter? There are lots of Easter-themed names, ranging from more traditional ideas to the downright quirky and unusual. If you're looking for inspiration, here are some fun and cute dog Easter names to consider.

Easter dogs

15 Easter Dog Name Ideas

1. Bunny 

A classic Easter symbol that’s both adorable and fitting for a fluffy dog, as well as rabbits!

2. Peeps 

Inspired by the popular Easter candy, this name is perfect for a sweet and playful pup.

3. Hoppy 

A fun and light-hearted name that captures the spirit of the holiday.

4. Lily 

Often associated with Easter, this flower makes a lovely name for a female dog.

5. Cadbury 

Perfect for dog moms and dads who are chocolate lovers.

6. Thumper 

Another Easter classic, this name is perfect for a dog who loves to jump and play.

7. Daffodil 

Like Lily, this flower is a symbol of Easter and makes for an unusual dog name - super cute when shortened to Daffy.

Dog and daffodils

8. Peter 

Inspired by Peter Rabbit, this name is a nod to the much-loved children's book character.

9. Flopsy 

Another Peter Rabbit-inspired name that’s perfect for dogs with long, floppy ears.

10. Cottontail 

A third bunny-themed name for Easter, that would be well suited to a fluffy dog.

11. Sunday 

Easter Sunday is the most important day of the holiday, so why not give your dog a name that pays tribute to it?

12. Lulu 

Meaning ‘Rabbit’ in Native American, this cute name is a nod to the Easter bunny.

13. April 

A month that often welcomes Easter, this is another lovely name for a female dog.

14. Daisy 

Perfect for a female dog, this name represents the beautiful flowers that bloom during spring.

15. Marshmallow 

A soft and fluffy name, so ideal for a pup who’s soft, fluffy and white!

We hope you enjoyed reading some fun Easter-inspired dog names. It’s important to remember that the name you give your dog will be used all year round, so make sure it's a name that you love and that you’ll be happy shouting in the park! Now you've had some Easter name inspo, check out our ideas for celebrating Easter with your pup and head over to our Easter Collection to shop for Easter apparel!

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