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Celebrating Easter With Your Pup

March 13, 2020 3 minute read time

With Easter peeping around the corner, you can start looking forward to marshmellowie good times. It’s important to properly prepare for your Sunday celebrations and make the most of this eggcellent holiday. Easter traditions are generally quite family oriented, and if you’re a pet parent, then you’ve certainly got to find a way to include your furball in your family Easter festivities.

Easter Dog

Traditions that are common for families during Easter include egg dying, basket giving, egg hunts, dressing up, quality family time and feasts. And guess what, your dog can join you for every single one of those!

Dying eggs is an enjoyable tradition that’s perfect for families. While your pup likely isn’t dexterous enough to dip an egg in dye, they can still join in the fun. As visually pleasing as dyed eggs are, they aren’t meant to last forever, so once you’ve had your fun, and perhaps taken a few pictures for the record book, you can peel your eggs (hopefully you remembered to hardboil them) and let your dog enjoy them as a snack! Even though eggs are a great snack for dogs, don’t feed them more than one a day, and if your dog is smaller, maybe portion out the egg in smaller chunks. You don’t want to feed them an eggregious amount of eggs.

Dog and Egg

If you’re prepping Easter baskets for your loved ones, you can include your pup too! Most Easter baskets for kids include candy, and toys. This is probably one of the easier traditions to port over for your pup. Just replace the sugary candy with some delicious dog treats, and the little toys with things like ropes and chew toys.

Easter Egg Basket Dog

One of the most exciting Easter eggtivities has to be the Easter egg hunt! If you have a scenthound you and your pup will hoppily enjoy going on a hunt. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when making an Easter egg hunt for your dog. First, if you plan on doing one for kids and one for dogs, plan the dog one first to make sure your pup doesn’t accidentally get a hold of any plastic eggs filled with candy. Both of those things (plastic and candy) are pretty unhealthy for your pup to chomp on. Second, it’s a good idea to just hide treats and not encase them in plastic eggs, because your dog might not be able to smell them, and also might try to eat the plastic. You can also set up a hunt in your home if you don’t have the opportunity to let your dog off leash in an open area. It’s good to have them in a separate room to start, then bring them to where the treats have been hidden, and give them one treat to make sure they are familiar with the scent. Then, let loose the hounds and watch them track down those treats!

Dog with Eggs

Speaking of treats, Easter is a time for families to get together and enjoy each other’s company, typically over a big meal! Barbeques and large sit down dinners are a mainstay of Easter celebrations and have you ever known your dog to pass on a meatily delicious meal? Your dog will always be happy to join the fun. While you shouldn’t share your human treats (especially chocolate and candy) with your dog, there are plenty of recipesout there to make your dog’s Easter into a Feaster!

Dog in bunny ears with carrot

Last but not leaster, a fun Easter tradition is dressing up in themed clothing, costumes or colors! You and your dog can pair up in matching pastel colors, or bunny ears for starters. Some pet parents even put their dogs in costumefor the holiday! However our expert recommendation is to get yourself an Inkopious shirt from our adorable Easter Collection! You can wear bunny ears on your head, your dog can wear bunny ears on their head, and you can wear a shirt with your dog wearing bunny ears too!

Cali Wave Easter limited release image

There’s no shortage of Easter activities you and your pup can enjoy. So hop on over to the Inkopious Easter Collection, find your breed on a new shirt for you or grab a gift to make sure your Easter baskets are the best!


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