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Get Your Fix of Dog Flicks

March 27, 2020 3 minute read time

Movies are a great way to relax at home during the best of times, and can be a fun distraction during the worst of times, for instance during a global pandemic. While most streaming services have a near inexhaustible trove of content, sometimes it can be a pain to sift through. It’s also tough if you’ve got more than one paw trying to control the remote. Maybe you’re gorging on reality TV like the new “Tiger King” and your pup is more interested in the psychological Science Fiction thriller series “Black Mirror.” At any rate, it’s worth finding some common ground, something that you and your pup can enjoy together. That’s why we’ve curated a list of Dog related titles for you to check out while you float on down the Netflix Stream.

“Dogs” Documentary TV series

This series follows six stories that show the love between humans and their canine best friends. It’s a powerful one for sure. You’ll certainly end up looking over at your best bud all teary eyed and give them a big old hug.

“The Secret Life of Pets 2” Animated Feature Film

This is a family comedy with a star studded vocal cast. The characters are hilarious and it might just give you an insight into what your pets do when you’re not around. Granted you might be able to catch them if you’re isolating at home. Try gauging your pet’s reactions to some of the more revelatory scenes to see if they look guilty at all.

“Benji” Live Action Feature Film

This film is a 2018 revival of one of the oldest fictional good boys out there. "Benji" is a family drama about a brother and sister who find and take in a stray dog. They name him Benji and develop a deep and loving bond that will be tested when they are kidnapped and it's up to Benji to bring them home. Touching and heartwarming, this movie will help you treasure the relationship you have with your dog.

“White Fang” Animated Feature Film

One of Jack London’s most famous stories this tale is an epic saga of a dog who’s journey includes the wild arctic wilderness, to being forced into dog fighting and beyond. With an excellent cast of voice actors, and richly textured animation, this is a great watch that will render you and your dog teary eyed and satisfied.

“The Healing Powers of Dude” Live Action TV Drama

This series centers around a young boy with social anxiety disorder and his emotional support dog named Dude. They navigate the perils of living everyday life with an anxiety disorder together. This heartwarming drama is a classic coming of age tail that is slightly surreal, slightly quirky, and super furry.

“The Grinch” Animated Feature Film

If you’re in a foul mood, this will suit you just fine. The titular character, the Grinch, voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, is a grumpy creature bent on making everyone around him as miserable as himself. His dog Max is the real star of the story though. The Grinch may have stolen Christmas, but his dog Max will steal your heart.

“The Adventures of TinTin” Animated Feature Film

The source material of this story is the beloved TinTin comics. Journalist TinTin and his sidekick Snowy the dog traverse the globe looking to solve the mystery of the Unicorn, a missing cargo ship carrying countless treasures lost at sea ages ago. If you and your four legged sidekick are looking for a fun flick to grab your eyeballs, this is a great option. It's engaging, exciting and adventurous from start to finish.

“To Be of Service” Live Action Documentary Feature Film

This emotional documentary centers around Veterans who have come back from serving our country with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It follows their journeys as they are paired with support dogs who help them adapt to civilian life. This is a tear jerker for sure.

“Bolt” Animated Feature Film

This creative family adventure story centers around a puppy who has super powers. It bounces around through harrowing danger, fun hijinks and offers new, hilarious and entertaining characters throughout. This is a really fun watch, sure to have you and your dog both barking with laughter and balanced on the edge of your seats.

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