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Halloween Dog Names: 20 Pawsitively Spooky Name Ideas

Halloween Dog Names: 20 Pawsitively Spooky Name Ideas

Enjoy spooky season? Celebrate Howl-o-ween the whole year round by giving your pup a name that nods to Halloween! It’s easier than you may think to provide a Halloween-themed name, whether you want something cute, fun, or downright unusual. If you’re after some naming inspiration, here are some fun and cute dog Halloween names to choose from.

Dog dressed as a witch for Halloween 

20 Halloween Dog Name Ideas

1. Pumpkin 

What better way to celebrate the season than by naming your dog after the iconic Halloween symbol? Pumpkin is a cute name for pupkins! Even better if your dog enjoys eating pumpkin!

2. Casper 

Inspired by the friendly ghost, Casper would be the perfect name for a white or light-colored pup.

3. Magic 

Magic is the perfect name for a dog who's good at magic tricks, like successfully hiding treats or making all your socks magically disappear!

4. Frankie 

Take your inspo from Frankenstein and give your pup the shortened name of Frankie – ideal if you want a name that nods to, but doesn’t scream, Halloween!

5. Goblin 

This name is ideal for small dogs with big personalities. Goblins are known for their mischief, just like many spirited pups!

6. Candy 

What would Halloween be without the treats? Nowhere near as sweet! If your dog has a sweet personality, Candy is an adorable choice.

7. Boo 

Short, sweet, and oh-so-appropriate for the spooky season, Boo is a great name for any dog that likes to surprise you with their antics!

Dog dressed up for Halloween 

8. Salem 

Who says Salem can only be a cat name? This is a great choice for a dog with a black coat.

9. Bone 

A nod to Halloween skeletons and ideal for dogs who love nothing more than chewing on bones!

10. Jack

What could be more quintessentially Halloween than naming your pup after the friendly face that grins from every porch on Halloween night? Jack, short for Jack-o-Lantern, is a traditional naming choice with a nod to spooky season.

    11. Spider 

    If your dog is small, quick and agile, Spider is a fitting name! 

    12. Wednesday 

    Pay homage to fan favorite Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family. An excellent choice for anyone who loves this character.

      13. Moon 

      Moon is a name that reflects the eerie beauty of Halloween nights.

      14. Ghoul 

      Ghoul is a spooky yet endearing choice for your four-legged friend.

      Dog at Halloween 

      15. Poe 

      Pay homage to the master of macabre, Edgar Allan Poe, with this literary-inspired name. (And if you love books, check out our Bookish Collection.)

      16. Phantom 

      If your dog has a knack for disappearing when you least expect it, Phantom might be the perfect name!

      17. Wolf 

      Embrace the wild side of Halloween with this choice. This name is ideal for breeds that resemble wolves or dogs with a strong, independent spirit.

      18. Hocus Pocus 

      Why settle for one name when you can have a magical duo? This name is perfect for a pair of dogs with distinct personalities.

      19. Raven 

      Raven is the perfect name for a dog with a dark coat and fits well with the Halloween theme, plus it's a great fall-inspired name too. 

        20. Waldo 

        For those who want a touch of Halloween without going all out, Waldo is a fun name that references "Where's Waldo?". You’ll raise a smile whenever you ask the question!


        Choosing a Halloween-inspired dog name is a fun and creative way to celebrate the season. However, whether you go for a name that's cute, spooky, or somewhere in between, the most important thing is that it's something you'll love for years to come. So, embrace the Halloween spirit and find a name that makes your dog howl with delight! For more Howl-o-ween fun, check out our Halloween dog puns and head over to our Halloween Collection to shop spooky season apparel!

        Dog and Cat Halloween clothing 

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