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National Dog Day - Let's Celebrate!

National Dog Day - Let's Celebrate! 

Every dog has his day, but there’s one day that belongs to every dog. That’s right we’re talking about August 26th, National Dog Day! A time to celebrate our canine companions and all things dog. Even though it seems like everyday is dog day if you have a furball at home, this holiday gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the incredibly important role that dogs play in all our lives. Take a moment to honor the jobs they serve in society at large, the companionship they provide at home, and the work that still needs to be done in order to do right by man’s best friend.

Small dog running

Celebrating The Varied Role of Dogs

It’s easy to think of dogs in general as just companion animals if your experience with them is solely as family pets, but they are so much more than that!

From the time they were domesticated, dogs have worked alongside humans in an ever evolving capacity of jobs and societal roles. From the early roles they adopted, such as guards, herders and hunting companions, such as Molosser dogs that are ancestors of bully breeds, they’ve since come to fill more varied places in society. Today, dogs can play the role of guides to the visually impaired, therapy dogs, search-and-rescue team members, and even star actors for the silver screen.

There are so many different ways that dogs contribute to our society as a whole and help make the world what it is today. National Dog Day is a great time to step back and appreciate that!

Therapy dogs

Celebrating Your Pup

While it’s great to think about how amazing dogs are as a whole, it’s even more important to show the dogs in your personal life some love! If you have a pup at home, National Dog Day is the excuse you need to pamper them silly with a long walk, treats, grooming and more.

You know your dog better than anyone, so however they get their kicks, indulge them in it! If your pup loves spending time outdoors, try a new hike or beach trip, if they love peanut butter try making them some homemade biscuits containing their favorite ingredient, and if they love getting brushed, sit down with a comb and get their fur silky smooth! It’s also an opportune time to stock up on any of their favorite treats, medication, or anything else that will make their life better! 

Beagle having dog treat

Celebrating Shelters

There are a ton of dogs who will be pampered to high heel on National Dog Day. However, a large reason that this howliday was founded was to shed light on all of the important work being done by rescue organizations and animal shelters. Even though there will be millions of dogs who are showered in love and affection, we can’t forget those furballs who don’t have a person of their own yet.

National Dog Day is an opportunity to give back to the organizations who work tirelessly to care for dogs who haven’t found their furever homes yet. If you can, donate to or volunteer for your local shelter. As always, if you don’t yet have a furball and you’re looking for some canine companionship, look into adoption! 

Share Your Celebrations

If you’re celebrating National Dog Day this year, make sure you let the world know! Take a picture of your pup and post about it. Social media is a great way to spread awareness of this holiday and to make an impact to help amplify the voice of local shelters and rescues. Take a picture of your pup and post it tagging your favorite shelter, especially if your pup is adopted! Telling a success story of how you and your pup met is one of the best ways you can display not only the love and companionship you’ve gained from adding a four legged companion to your life, but how that can come from anywhere, particularly a rescue!

If you love reading about inspirational rescue pups, check out Cobb's story.

Pampering your pup is kind of a must on National Dog Day, and it's also a chance to celebrate being a dog lover too! Get your hands on some dog apparel to show off your love for these furry friends, or treat some other dog lovers to some fun gifts! Have a happy National Dog Day!

Dog hoodiePhoto: @pennycav 

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