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Ghost Dogs: Poogan's Porch

October 29, 2020 2 minute read time

Poogan’s Porch, is a reputable Charleston restaurant that offers exemplary lowcountry cuisine. But it’s also home to one of the sweetest spectral pups you’ll ever meet. This restaurant is named after a charming sweetheart of a pup that lived around half a century ago and according to some, still hangs about the neighborhood spreading joy and seeking tasty morsels under tables.

Begging dog

Poogan’s story starts in the ritzy neighborhood of Charleston where Poogan’s Porch is located. It might be expected that the well to do upper class residents of Queen street, would look down on and reject a street dog but in fact, they did just the opposite. The lovable pup who ranged up and down the road was embraced all along Queen Street and roamed freely from house to house accepting food from all and lounging on plenty of porches. However, he had one favorite porch to perch on in particular, 72 Queen Street to be precise.

When the owners of that house moved out and the people who bought it started a restaurant there, Poogan couldn’t have been happier. The new owners of 72 Queen Street soon found out that the property they bought came with the condition of a canine and Poogan became a fixture at the restaurant’s entrance, so much so that they ended up naming it after him when he passed away from natural causes in 1979.

poogan the pup

Folks dining at Poogan’s Porch to this day say that they can feel the presence of this plucky pooch when they visit. The ghost of Poogan is said to brush the legs of people as he wanders around looking for table scraps. Sometimes if they’re lucky people will even feel a Poogan kiss if they reach their hands down while dining. If you’re in Charleston and looking for a tasty meal and some ethereal dining company, check out Poogan’s Porch for a spooktacular time!

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