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Ghost Dogs: The Blue Dog Legend

October 30, 2020 2 minute read time

One of the oldest ghost stories in America’s history is the tale of the Blue Dog Legend. Like many a great ghost story, it involves buried treasure, murder and more!

The story of the blue dog legend takes place in the tiny town of Port Tobacco Maryland. Nowadays this town is barely more than a blade of grass on the map with an official population of 13 but it has deep roots dating back over 300 years.

The tale centers around a pair of pals, Charles Thomas Sims, a recently retired soldier who fought in the revolutionary war, and his blue tick coonhound whose name has been lost to time. While Sims wasn’t a soldier of fortune, he did spend a night at a tavern drunkenly boasting about his own fortune. His loose lips let slip that he had a bag of gold and a deed to some prime property in his possession.

gold dubloons

Unfortunately for the pair, some local patrons of the bar decided that Sims’ fortune ought to be their own. When Sims and his furry friend left the bar that night, a Port Tobacco local named Henry Hanos led a small group in silent pursuit. After traveling a ways down Rose Hill road, in the dark of night, Hanos and his friends accosted Charles in an attempt to steal the gold and the deed. During the encounter, Sims was killed and when his hound tried to protect him, the group turned on the dog too.

To safeguard their new acquisitions, Hanos and his crew  buried the gold and the deed under a rock along Rose Hill road planning to dig it up later after suspicion for Sims’ disappearance disappeared. However, upon returning to the spot where he buried the treasure, Hanos found it guarded by the ghost of Sims’ hound. It was large, blue and scared Hanos away. In fact it’s said that it scared Hanos so badly that he fell ill the next day and soon passed away. No one ever saw the bag of gold or the deed again, but plenty of people have said they’ve seen the legendary Blue Dog.

Blue Dog Legend

Sightings of the blue dog have been reported in the area for centuries. The legend of the blue dog is one of the oldest ghost stories in United States history. If you’re looking for a spooky tail, look no further than the blue dog legend of Port Tobacco Maryland!

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