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Questioning Your Canine Co-Worker?

July 31, 2020 2 minute read time

Everyone who’s been working from home recently knows what it’s like to trade in their usual co-workers for the four legged fur-covered kind. This year we’ve heard from plenty of people who enjoy the new experience of having their best pet-pal as an office mate. We even found an Instagram account dedicated to highlighting the hilarities of dogs working from home. One of our Instagram furriends ended up having their picture featured too! It’s one of our favorites:

Oliver Tredup

📸: @sweettredupcheeks - recognize that awesome mug?!

Having your pet as a co-worker is undeniably enjoyable. We’ve also noticed that it adds a new layer of fun to anthropomorphizing our pets. We made a collection of the best questions we’ve asked our dogs while working from home. Be warned, they get pretty goofy.

  • Who’s a good co-worker?
  • Where are your pants?
  • Do you have to lick yourself in the middle of the office?
  • Did you eat the expense reports?
  • Who hired you?

Office dog

  • Did you eat my lunch? My name was on it.
  • You want to know why I’m not responding to your pee-mails?
  • Do you have to come over to my desk every time you fart?
  • Why are you chasing your tail? Does it owe you money?
  • Why are you chasing the mailman? Does he owe you money?

Dog wearing glasses

  • Why are you peeing on those flow charts? NVM I answered my own question.
  • It's noon, how are you still in bed?
  • Did you hit your nap quota yet today?
  • Have you retrieved any golden puns about working from home with dogs?
  • Could you go fetch the Lab results please?
  • Would you quit hounding me? I’m almost done with work for the day.

dog and computer

This is just a teeny little glimpse of the goofocity you get when your pet becomes your co-worker. What the funniest question you’ve ever asked your pet?

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