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Thankful for Dogs: 7 Reasons Why They’re Awesome

7 Reasons Why We’re Thankful for Dogs

This Thanksgiving and beyond, we’re thankful for dogs! Here are 7 reasons why we think dogs are simply awesome.

1. They Help You to Stay Fit

The most persuasive thing to make you get outside and go for a good walk? A dog! There’s nothing more encouraging than your canine best friend staring longingly out the window to make you head outside and pound the pavements.

Sheepadoodle sweatshirt


2. A De-Stress Assistant

It’s a well-known fact that stroking a pet can help you to de-stress and relax. Plus your pooch is likely going to be extremely pleased to have affection too! There have been many studies conducted that have found dogs can help to reduce depression, stress, loneliness, and more. It’s no wonder we’re so thankful for them.

3. They’re So Fun!

Playing fetch, watching them roll around with glee in the sunshine, training them to do fun tricks, dressing them up in funny costumes – there are so many things they do that make us smile. Life must be pretty boring without all of their smile-inducing antics, we reckon.

Dog tote bag


4. They’re a New Friend Finder

From group training classes to walkies around the local park, there’s plenty of chances to meet new people simply from having a pet pooch. Taking your dog for walks around your local neighborhood is a great way to meet your neighbors. You might even find new people to go for walks with.

5. There’s Always Someone to Come Home To

Never worry about coming home to a lonely house when you have a dog. There’s nothing quite so heart-warming as the warm welcome you receive from your dog every time you return home. The wagging tail and excited greeting never gets old.

6. A Reason to Put Down the Technology

These days, most of us are guilty of spending a lot of time on our smartphones, laptops, tablets etc. Having a dog gives us plenty of reasons to put our technology down. There’s training to do, walkies to go on, frisbee to play, treats to give – a chance to be present in a world full of distraction.

7. They Love You

There’s nothing quite like being loved unconditionally by your canine companion. Made a terrible fashion choice? Failed an exam? Sent an important email to the wrong person? They don’t care and will still love you! They might love you even more if you buy some swag with their face on it though #justsaying.

Our Thankful range is the perfect way to show how much you’re thankful for dogs. Or pop on over to our Thanksgiving collection to find turkey-themed fun shirts!

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