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Celebrating National Cat Day

Celebrating National Cat Day

Taking place every year on October 29th, National Cat Day celebrates all things, you've guessed it, cats! Considering the many ways that cats contribute to the joy of life, it makes sense that we take at least one day a year to publicly state en masse how much we appreciate them. Here's why and how we'll be celebrating National Cat Day! 

Cat with confetti and balloons for National Cat Day 

Why Celebrate National Cat Day?

Soft fur, swishing tails, bright eyes, thrumming purrs, and sharp claws of doom. These are just a few of the countless reasons that we love cats so much! And here are some more:

4 Reasons To Celebrate Cats on National Cat Day:

1. Purrfect Companions

They are perfect companions, who can provide relief in tough times and fun in the happiest of times.

2. Low Maintenance

Unlike some pets that require constant attention and exercise, cats are relatively low-maintenance. They can use litter trays, rather than having to go outside to do their business, and they're okay to be left alone for longer periods, which makes them a convenient choice for many.

3. Health Benefits

Studies have shown that owning a cat can provide health benefits for us hoomans, including better heart health, lower blood pressure, and improved mental well-being.

4. Unique Personalities

Cats have unique personalities and quirks. Whether your cat is playful, reserved, or a bit mischievous, they bring their own special charm to your life. And let's face it, watching funny videos of cats being their own kind of special is one of the best things ever! Their internet domination is one of the reasons why Cat World Domination Day exists!


National Cat Day isn’t only an opportunity to say “Hey everyone, I love cats!” (although you certainly should shout it out loud!), it’s an important time to reflect on how many cats in this country still need furever homes, and to highlight the honorable people working to solve that issue. 

Ginger kitten

How to Celebrate National Cat Day

1. Adopt or Foster a New Furry Friend

One of the best ways to celebrate National Cat Day is to adopt a cat! If you love cats and find your home distinctly lacking a purring presence, consider adopting or fostering.

2. Support a Shelter

If you already have a full cat quota, then consider donating money, food or blankets to a local shelter. You can even donate your time as a volunteer!

3. Spoil Your Cat

If you already have a cat (or cats), what better excuse than to spoil them with some extra special attention, treats, and toys. We all know how much cats love catnip, so perhaps a new catnip toy would be a fun idea.

4. We're Feline the Love!

Share the love for all things feline by taking to social media to share photos and stories about your furry friend.

5. Wear Cat Apparel

Make your photos even more purrfect by wearing some cat apparel! Here at Inkopious we love cats a colossal amount, so of course we have a dedicated Cats Collection, full of cat portraits, cat slogans, and cute cat doodle apparel!


Whether you're a cat owner or just a fan of cats in general, we hope you enjoy celebrating National Cat Day! A great day to raise awareness, help cats to find a loving home, and show off your love for your feline friends.


Happy Cat Day - cat with cats hoodie

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  • K.

    I love my, “Sorry I’m Booked” hoodie. I wear it in Green n Gold Friday in my school library.

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