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Thanksgiving Dog Names: 15 Fun Seasonal Ideas
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Thanksgiving Dog Names: 15 Fun Seasonal Ideas

If you're welcoming a new furry friend into your family at Thanksgiving, there's plenty of seasonal naming choices out there, from the more obvious to the obscure! If you'd like some inspo, there's no fowl play here, just fun Thanksgiving dog names that'll hopefully float your (gravy) boat!

Dog with pumpkin 

15 Thanksgiving Dog Name Ideas

1. Pecan

Inspired by a classic Thanksgiving pie, this option is perfect for the dog with a nutty and sweet personality! 

2. Autumn

Celebrate the vibrant hues of fall with the name Autumn. It's a beautiful choice for a dog with a warm and welcoming personality.

3. Cranberry

A sweet staple on the Thanksgiving table, Cranberry makes for an adorable Thanksgiving-themed dog name.

4. Tater Tot

A playful and endearing name inspired by a popular Thanksgiving side dish. Perfect for a small or cute pup!

5. Bean

Short, sweet, and undeniably cute, Bean is an endearing name for a small and lively pup. 

Bean the Boston Terrier drawing

Bean the Boston Terrier

Tater Tot the American Staffordshire Terrier drawing

Tater Tot the AmStaff

6. Chestnut

Chestnut is a timeless and classic choice for your canine companion, plus it's perfect for pups with a chestnut-colored coat.

7. Parsnip

Enjoy a side of root veg with your Thanksgiving feast? Celebrate the season with this unique name!

8. Bounty

Celebrate the bounty of blessings in your life (not to mention the bounty of food!) at Thanksgiving with this name. 

9. Sage

A sophisticated option that's also easy to shout at the dog park! 

10. Acorn

Is your pup small but mighty? Acorn is perfect for a pint-sized pup with a big personality!

Autumn the Golden Retriever drawing

Autumn the Golden Retriever

Thankful Tater Tot the Chiweenie drawing

Thankful Tater Tot the Chiweenie


11. Toffee

A sweet name for a sweet pup! And an excellent choice for dogs with toffee-colored coats.

12. Marshmallow

Soft, sweet, and oh-so-lovable, Marshmallow is a charming name for a dog who melts your heart with every wag of their tail. A great Easter-themed dog name too!

13. Pumpkin

Enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving? (Or the whole thing, obvs). This name captures the spirit of the season, a lively fall-themed dog name that's also perfect for dog owners with a love of Halloween.

14. Nutmeg

Add a sprinkle of spice to your dog's name with Nutmeg! Perfect for pups with a brown coat.

15. Cinnamon

Another option to spice up your dog's name - perfect for a pup with a dash of spicy sass!


These Thanksgiving dog names are all ways to incorporate some festive spirit into your life the whole year round! Whether you're leaning towards a more traditional option, or you'd like something more unusual, pick something you know you'll still be happy to shout out loud many years down the line! Celebrate being thankful for dogs with our Thanksgiving apparel - great gifts for Thanksgiving hosts who love their pup.

Thankful dog hoodies for Thanksgiving 

Featured photo: @rogerdodgerdog


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